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Top 10 tips to increase your organic traffic on social media in 2023

Build your following on social media

Social media offers more than just entertainment. For many, they are a source of passive income.Content creators use social media platforms to earn money from their followers. While at the same time, companies leverage it to make money through customers. Any how Top 10 tips to increase your organic traffic on social media in 2023

However, a link is driving both goals of social media traffic.

This article will talk about

10 Tactics to Boost Your Organic Social Media Reach

What is organic social media traffic?

Social media organic traffic is the number of people who visit your page and content without paying for distribution. People access your content through organic search results on various platforms. The same is true for Google’s organic traffic operations Top 10 tips to increase your organic traffic on social media in 2023

Why has organic social Media Traffic slowed dramatically over the years?

The average reach for organic Face book posts is about 5% and has been that for quite a while.

Not just Face book but different social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn have seen increased organic visitors.

If it’s happening all over the world, there has to be a reason for it.

There are a variety of reasons for the meagre organic traffic on social media sites:

Payment-to-Play model social media platforms are moving towards a pay-to-play model in which businesses pay to promote their content and reach their target audience.

Changes to the algorithm Social media platforms such as Face book, Integra, and Twitter have modified their algorithms to prioritize engaging content and eliminate all other content.

More competition As more companies have joined social media platforms, the competition for attention has grown, and it is becoming more difficult for people in the market to make a mark and get natural traffic.

SEO Changes: Social media platforms have embraced a variety of modifications, including introducing new SEO methods. The process involves presenting your posts to a small group of followers. Your post will only be promoted once it has received sufficient interest from them.

Down the lane, we’ve collected a list of 10 ways proven to increase organic traffic to social networks. Below are Top 10 tips to increase your organic traffic on social media in 2023

10 Strategies to Increase Organic Traffic to Social Media In 2023

Below are ten methods to take advantage of the recent algorithmic changes made from social media platforms as well as to increase the organic traffic you get from Face book posts

1. Create Shareable and Valuable Content

There’s plenty of content on the internet. To draw your target audience, you must ensure your content is valuable for its viewers.

Your organic reach and traffic will increase as you create content that is a hit with your viewers, and they will prefer to share it with their networks instead of simply posting a Like.

Concentrating on appropriate platforms for promoting your social media content is crucial. For instance, what’s effective on LinkedIn might be useless for Integra followers.

It is why having the strategy of the platform you want to target based on your industry and your target audience can help you boost the amount of online traffic.

2. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Optimizing social media accounts for algorithmic analysis can boost organic traffic to your social media sites. This process requires the following:

Include relevant keywords in your bio

Adding Description

Deciding on a branding colour scheme

It makes your profile attractive and more likely to be found as a result of the search when people search for these keywords.

Additionally, maintaining your posts to these standards will result in greater engagement from your readers.

3. Engaging content that you Post

Social media algorithms highly engage favour content. More engagement is likely to result in more organic traffic to social media.

Therefore, you should post content of real value to your viewers that solves their issue or is entertaining. It is important to try anything, but don’t be boring or negative.

The best part is that you can respond to messages and comments from your followers, post questions and make polls that encourage interaction.

The change will be visible gradually and for good.

4. Do not Post Daily, But Be Consistent

Don’t think about publishing every day. You may feel pressure to post new content daily.

It’s an exhausting decision and a mistake.

Select quality over quantity for one option.

Keep a consistent posting schedule. Some experts recommend posting daily; however, this depends on the platform and the experimental approach you choose.

Engaging your audience through regular and strategically scheduled posting also aids in increasing your visibility organically on social media platforms.

5. Concentrate on the Target Audience

You can boost your visibility and expand your organic reach by including relevant and targeted hash tags in your content.

Making your posts more relevant to the target audience should be the best way. If you do, you can avoid becoming disorientated in the media maze, which wastes time.

By tailoring your content to a specific audience, you improve the reader’s chances to engage with them and provide them with more natural potential.

6. Add More Video Content to the Post

The users of social networks are more likely to consume videos, which may increase interaction and sharing. They’re more entertaining and effective in grabbing users’ focus than text or images alone.

Therefore you should create short videos that showcase your products or services or longer ones which provide interesting or educational information.

Videos are much more likely to pop into search results because search engines favour video content.


Keywords that are relevant to the title


Tags for your videos.

They will assist in optimizing your SEO content as well as increase the organic traffic for your Face book pages.

7. Connect with People

According to a study, individuals are 38 per cent more likely to interact when they see posts with pictures with faces.

Yes, that’s the fundamental trick to connect with people. Please include photos and selfie on your posts, as people trust their friends more than goods and services. It increases engagement and eventually increases organic visitors to your online pages

8. Cross-Platform Promotion

Cross-platform marketing is the best method of reaching a wider public.

In the end, your account could receive more shares, likes, as well as followers. It could boost your overall organic online traffic.

It also increases the credibility and authority of your account. It increases your credibility and authority.

9. Posting User-Generated Content

User-generated content is much more interesting than branded content because users make it up from their own experiences and opinions as a sign of the loyalty they have to offer.

Posting UGC on your Face book and Twitter accounts encourages other users to share and create material about your posts.

Another advantage of publishing content users create is that it can help build respect and confidence with viewers.

 Consequently, this leads to increased ROI and more organic traffic with time.

10. Posting at the Right Time

Everybody says to post whenever all users are online. It’s a common misconception, and you must avoid it.

If you share your content with others, you stand very little likelihood of reaching your target audience because it could be lost in the whirlwind of posts that social media users are looking at.

Be strategic with the time you post.

Post in non-peak times. You’re less likely to get lost in the noise of content.

Find out when your intended market is active, and other users are posting, so you can stay clear of the trap.

You can increase your engagement on social media by simply publishing at the right moment.

Wrapping Up

Top 10 tips to increase your organic traffic on social media in 2023

In the end, increasing natural traffic to social media requires an organized approach that blends techniques such as

High-quality Content

Utilizing pertinent hash tags

Engaging your viewers


User-generated Content.

These methods will allow you to be more prominent on social media, build credibility with your followers and, eventually, increase the number of people who visit your profile.

Be aware that social media algorithms constantly change,


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