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Online Course / A.I. And Data Science

Online Course / A.I. And Data Science. You can choose to work in the field of Artificial Intelligence or Data Science. If you are interested in pursuing a career path in A.I., keep an eye on our Artificial Intelligence Courses Syllabus blog. You can learn about Online Course / A.I. And Data Science in this post.

Artificial Intelligence Course Online

Artificial Intelligence course online using in conjunction and collaboration C.C.E., I.I.T. helps you learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning abilities such as Data Science, CNN, Neural Networks, N.L.P., etc., via practical projects. Learn about A.I. through the I.I.T. faculty and enroll in the top Artificial Intelligence program online to succeed as an Artificial Intelligence Engineer! Online Course / A.I. And Data Science is better than offline

Artificial Intelligence Overview

INTELLIPAAT provides a complete Artificial Intelligence program with C.C.E. and IIT faculties that can help you develop the latest technology in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). As part of this premier AI training, you can master the different artificial neural network features, including supervised and unsupervised learning. You will also learn about logistic regression, understanding neural networks, Binary classification, Vectorization, Python for scripting Machine Learning applications, and more.

What do you expect to learn from the Artificial Intelligence course?

This course aims to help you understand the entire spectrum of AI to begin working as an A.I. engineer. Some of the subjects you’ll be learning in this course are:

The basics of Deep Learning techniques

Learning about artificial neural networks

The neural network training process is based on the Data from training

Convolution neural networks, as well as their applications

Tensor flow and processing units

Unsupervised and supervised learning methods

Machine Learning using Python

The applications to Deep Learning in image recognition, N.L.P., etc.

Real-world applications for recommender systems, for example.

What are the requirements for the course? Artificial Intelligence training online?

You can learn easily in Online Course / A.I. And Data Science. Anyone can complete this online course and become a practical AI engineer, or A.I. engineer, regardless of prior knowledge.

What jobs can you be considered for following the end of your training?

Once you have completed the A.I. course offered by Intellipaat after which, you can be considered for one of the following A.I. as well as related profiles for jobs:

A.I. Expert

A.I. Data Analyst

A.I. Application Engineer

A.I. Research Scientist

Data Scientist

ML Engineer

Science ML

Data Science Course Online

Study Data Science from I.I.T. faculty and industry experts and earn an I.I.T. Data Science certification from India’s most prestigious Engineering College. Learn to become a Data Scientist by taking numerous courses in Data science in this seven-month Data Science certification program that incorporates practical exercises and Project work. Learn skills such as Python, SQL, Machine Learning, Artificial

Data Science Certification Overview

The instructor-driven Data Science course, combined with C.C.E., I.I.T., will help you, master Data Science. The curriculum includes Python programming, Machine Learning, etc., and real-time projects.

What are the reasons for signing the Data Science course?

The need for Data Scientists to exceed the supply is a severe issue in the world of Data in which we live. Many businesses are willing to pay top wages to those with the right Data Science skills.

Data Science training online will assist you in becoming adept with Data Science, R programming language, Data Analysis, Big Data, and many more. So, you will be able to increase your professional career in this ever-changing field and advance your career to the next step.

The median annual salary for Data Scientists as per Indeed is US$122,801 in the United States.

Data Scientist is the best job for the 21st century. — Harvard Business Review

The number of positions for all professionals in the field of Data working in the United States will increase to 2.7 million — I.B.M.

The global Big Data market achieved US$122 billion in sales over six years — Frost & Sullivan.

Benefits of Data Science

What’s the typical pay for a Data Scientist in India and the U.S.?

In the United States, the average wage of a Data Scientist is US$112,957. The median salary for Data Scientists in India is the sum of Rs853,191.

What classes are included in This Data Scientist Program offer?

In this advanced certification course, you will be taught 12 courses in Data Science as well as numerous case studies and projects.

Instructional Online:

Course 1: Basics of Python & Linux

Second Course Git

Third Course Python to Data Science

Course 4 is called Advanced Statistics

Course 5: Machine Learning & Prediction Algorithms

Course 6 Data Science using PySpark

Course 7: A.I. and Deep Learning via Tensorflow

Course 8 MLOps

Course 9: Data Visualization using Tableau

In addition, to live classes, you’ll get electives in a self-paced style:

Data Analysis using Excel and Data Wrangling using SQL, N.L.P., and its applications.

What is the salary average for a Data Scientist in India and the U.S.?

In the United States, the average wage of Data Scientists in the United States is Data Scientist is US$112,957. The median salary for Data Scientists in India is the sum of Rs853,191.

What is a Data Scientist working on?

1. Learn the issue: Data Scientists should be aware of business problems and be able to answer the right questions.

2. Gather Data: They must collect sufficient Data to understand the problem at hand better and resolve the issue concerning time, money, and resources.

3. Process the raw Data The Data is rarely used in its initial form and therefore needs to be processed. There are various ways to transform the Data into an acceptable format.

4. Examine the Data: Following processing Data and turning it into a helpful format, Data Scientists must examine the Data to discover its characteristics and clear trends or correlations.

5. Examine the Data: To understand their Data, they employ various libraries of software that include Machine Learning, statistics and logistic regression, time series analysis, and many more.

6. Communicate Results: Finally, the results need to be communicated to the appropriate parties, thus laying the foundation for resolving all issues.

What makes Data Scientists different from Business Analysts or Data Analysts?



Data Analyst: Analyzing the needs of businesses

Business Analyst Analysis of the past Data

Data Scientist: Making data-driven decisions

Who is qualified? Anyone can be eligible to

What are they doing?

Complete life cycle analysis, which includes business needs, processes, and the design of technology solutions, and analyzing and reporting on the business’s capabilities. Statistical analysis as well as the creation and development of Machine Learning systems

Average salaries US$68,465 US$75,218 US$112,957

What are the roles that Data Scientists play? Data scientists play?

Data Scientist

Create and implement scalable code and efficiently develop high-quality applications.

Analysts in Analytics and Insights

Find solutions for fixing issues with Data quality after analyzing the errors reported on the file.

A.I. & ML Engineer

Utilize Lambda function and API Gateway to connect Machine Learning models to web applications and then deploy the models into SageMaker.

Data Engineer & Data Analyst

Perform Data cleansing or Data transformation, analyze the results and report the results in dashboards and reports.

Junior Data Scientist

Analyze the behavior of the operating system using advanced statistical methods and tools. Additionally, develop algorithms using descriptive and prescriptive techniques.

Applied Scientist

Get intelligence for your commercial products by designing and creating Machine Learning models.



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