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iphone Repair And Solutions / AndroidSmart phones are not always perfect; we are facing your phones with different problems in our mobile repair shop. Sometimes phones may be faulty, and we understand that this can be a very stressful situation for you. That is why we decided to make a top 22 of the most common android phone problems and solutions, so you can solve them without losing your money and time by yourself. Read this blog post complete to know the mobile problem list and situation of mobile phones that you can solve by yourself. You can search for iphone Repair And Solutions / Android

First, we discuss the mobile problem list that android phones are making today.

Android Phone Problems and Solutions

· Poor Battery Life

· Your Android Phone is Running Slowly

· Storage Space issue

· Unsent Messages

· Overheating

· MicroSD Card Not Working On Your android phone

· Connecting problems with Bluetooth, wifi, cellular network

· Google Play Store Does Not Download Apps

· Google Play Store Crashes

· Apps not downloading

· Cracked Screen or Immersion in Water

· Charging Problem Solution for Smartphones


Poor Battery Life

· Unfortunately, nowadays every customer complains about this problem. The said battery draining, slow charging, or charging failure issue is on their phone. This severe problem is when your phone is discharging and you are not using it. The first aid solution is to Find out particular apps that are draining your phone battery, you can check this in Settings->battery, and our suggestion is to remove those apps. Then Enable the battery saving mode, turn off the locations you are not using, and dim your phone brightness.


  Your Android Phone is Running Slowly

· The reason your phone is running at a slow speed is the installation of unnecessary apps that use your smartphone RAM and save considerable numbers of files on your phone. Wipe out all those apps and clean up your phone cache data.


Storage Space Issue

· You can take care of this issue when you are buying a new smartphone because, after a couple of days, you are facing your phone problems storage is filled with your photos and videos. The device shows you the low storage massage. Remember, nowadays, Very few upcoming smartphones have an expandable memory feature. Try to Transfer the photos to clouds to free up space on your phone.


Unsent Messages

· Make sure you’re connected to a wifi network or your mobile network is working correctly. Then press on the message not sent and choose the option to resend. if the issue is not solved, try restarting your phone and downloading the messager app.



· Do not use high-sucking apps from the CPU and give your phone a break. If your phone is still heating, this is the fault of the company manufacturer. and remember not to use your phone while on charge.


 Micro Sd Card Not Working On Your Android Phone

· It is caused by buying a cheap SD card with reading/writing errors. That is why Your phone problems are not recognizing the SD card after you format it on your phone. When you format an SD card on your phone after formatting, Your phone problems are not recognizing the SD card. Always format the memory card on exFAT. You can Restart your phone in recovery mode and format it on the wipe cache option. Android phone has a recovery mode where you can select wipe cache. It will clear the SD card and format it to FAT32, best suited for phone storage.


   Connecting Problems with wifi, Cellular networks, Bluetooth

· Wifi, Cellular Network causes it, and Bluetooth setting most of the time on your phone but first, switch your phone to airplane mode for 60 to 1 minute, then switch back to normal mode and check for the problem to solve. if it still has the same problem, check your phone settings.


  Google Play Store Does Not Download Apps

· first, try to clean the Google Play cache on your phone. Go to the Settings option, Apps, and Open Google Play Store, select Clean Cache, and then Restart your phone. And check for the problem to solve.

 The second way to resolve this issue is to clean up the history of the Google Play Store. Open Google Play Store Settings and Choose Clean History.


 Google Play Store Crashes

· We understand how upset you’re trying to find an app, and Google Play constantly crashes. Most of the time, Google Play Store Crashes when your phone cache files corrupt. Go to Settings, open Apps, then Open Google Play Store and select Clean Cache and Data. Then restart your phone. It should solve the issue of crashing


 Apps Not Downloading

· Make sure you use Google Play Store’s latest version on your android phone. A corrupt cache is the leading cause of this issue. To solve this problem, you can delete the history of the google play store and restart your phone. then try Downloading your Apps.


Phone Immersion in Water or Cracked Screen

· This problem accidentally happens, and you can not do anything to solve this on your own at that time. To prevent incidents of this kind, you can use the best phone protector available in the mobile market.

It may be costly, but avoiding these accidents is a worthwhile investment


   Charging Problem Solution for Smartphones

· Be sure you are charging using the correct wall phone adapter or original charger. Also, ensure that the phone adapter or the charging cable is not longer than three feet (or two meters). There is too much dc voltage drop for the Smartphones to charge the battery properly on most longer cables. Some Smartphone’s batteries also will not correctly charge when plugged into a PC, laptop, or Mac; there is not enough dc voltage over the standard USB connection.

· Most of what we see or repair in our shop is hardware failures, and this is a common one called ‘fake phone charging’ that can happen after smartphone water damage or drop damage, fallen damages in phones which cause a hardware fault on the phone printed circuit board. I recently had a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini that had a similar charging problem. Charging okay, but the battery percentage never went up after setting in the Samsung Galaxy mobile. A tiny resistor caused this fault near the battery connector that had rubbed off.

· Now, we discuss the problem of mobile phones and common iPhone problems that the Apple iPhone is making nowadays.

· Do you want to download 7 Common Problem Solutions

 for Apple devices?

Common iPhone Problems Solutions

· The iPhone Screen Is Not Bright

· Control Center Button Does Not Respond at Apple Toolbox

· Apple iPhone Overheating

· iPhone not connecting to WiFi

· Unable To Connect To The IOS App Store

The iPhone Screen Is Not Bright

Some iPhone users worldwide noticed the Screen looks dark despite the brightness of their phones. to solve this problem, follow these steps:

· step one: go to General Settings

· step two: then go to accessibility

· step three: click on Screen Adaptations. Now you can see the option to reduce colors. You can adjust the intensity until you think it’s good for you

Control Center Button Does Not Respond at Apple Toolbox


Apple iPhone Overheating

Many iPhone customers are complaining that their phones are turning very warm. They also affirm that they feel their phones are swelling and opening up independently. To solve this iPhone problem, If you use a specific app and overheat your iPhone, let it rest for a while. By going to Settings and Privacy, you can disable the location service. We suggest you do this because the phone location uses GPS, Bluetooth, and mobile sites to determine where you are. For your iPhone, this could mean a lot of activity. If you charge and overheat your iPhone, unplug it for a few minutes until it cools down. You can then plug it back again. It also works to remove the case of your iPhone. It will help stop the plug from keeping the heat and won’t block the phone’s heat output.

Some percentage of iPhone users in the world reported Apple Toolbox issues with the Home button or Control Center button. They say the button keeps freezing and doesn’t respond. The solution to this problem is going to Settings and then going to the Control Center to customize and delete a particular app that does not work in the section included. After that, you must restart your apple device once it is turned ON again. You can likewise customize the controls and add the removed app before

Your iPhone Not Connecting to WiFi

Through the apple forum iPhone, users express that they lose the WiFi connection and can not connect to their local network. Before assessing your iPhone’s technical mistake, make sure the router is near you. You also need to ensure you can see your WiFi network to ensure it’s connected to the relevant network. To solve this problem, You can also try restarting your device or router by unplugging and replugging it. If it doesn’t respond yet, you can go to configurations to restore your network. It will refresh your iPhone WiFi network and password with the VPN and APN.

Unable To Connect To The IOS App Store

In response to some phone problems encountered when downloading apps from the iso App Store, some Apple users have also had issues going on the iso App Store with their iPhone. They receive messages of an error stating their devices cannot currently connect to the

 iso App Store. The ideal solution is to set your device’s date and time.

Disable the setting option automatically. Set the date and time manually instead. Go to the iso App Store then let it open for at least 5 seconds. Automatically reactivate the date and time, then close the App Store and reopen it.

We’re sure there are a lot more smartphone problems, Whether they’re Android devices or part of iOS technology, no matter. But we’ve just discussed the most common phone problems this time, and we hope these possible solutions will work for you. If you have encountered some of these issues and how you have solved them, please share them with us!

And at the end of this blog post, some valuable resources related to Android devices and iOS technology problem solutions.

Samsung s6 problems solutions we list down all users complaining about bugs. You can download or read it here! The bug fix updates were issued today.

How to unlock Apple iPod when it’s linked with an apple account?

I bought an Apple iPod second-handed. I’m not sure what is wrong with it. I restored it to factory settings, and now when I try to activate iPod, it keeps asking me for the previous owner’s Apple ID, and I don’t have his number anymore. What should I do? Is my iPod pretty much bricked forever?

Apple id unlocks on iPod Problem Solution.

Please try to activate the Apple iPod. If the iPod shows this device is linked with (abc@icloud.com), it can be removed easily by the shopkeeper where you buy this. If it shows this device has been lost or stolen, they cannot do anything.

Standard Process: The POP(Invoice of the iPod) is required. Suppose you have the bill for this device from the shopkeep where you buy this.

Just call Apple support. They will assist you better. They will remove this within 2 to 3 days if the device has not been stolen or lost.

Apple customer support only needs the iPod bill and tells them you cannot activate or unlock the iPod.

For Apple iPad 2,3,4, there is a hardware solution by changing some capacitors and resistors, and converting from cellular GSM or cellular CDMA to wifi model also possible can be done vice versa which will require soldering GSM board or CDMA board to iPod wifi model. Good luck

Why can’t I connect to ANY AP wifi access point?

I can see the wifi, Router, and smartphone hotspot access points in range but cannot connect. Open or secured makes no difference to me. What could be causing of AP wifi access points issue?

Are you accessing the same wifi AP with either open or WPA2 connections? If you are, your Cable wifi router may be limited on how many links it can allow access, though.

 I would go to the mobile store franchise, which has an open wifi service, and sees if it connects that way. If it makes that points back to your setup as being the issue Vs. The iPhone.

 If you still can’t connect to the mobile store franchise open wifi service, I would erase the iPhone and reload everything. Good luck!

Can I use a hot plate to remove a Samsung Galaxy mobile S5 digitizer?

Most people here know that heating a Samsung Galaxy S4 digitizer with a hairdryer and removing it that way can be quite a chore. I’m wondering if anyone has ever used a hot plate to draw a Samsung Galaxy mobile S5 digitizer? Is it a good idea? If so, what hot plate temperature do I set it to without damaging the Samsung Galaxy mobile S5?

Hot Plate Temperature Solution for Samsung Galaxy Mobile S5, S6, and S7

Set the hot plate to 65C for 5 minutes on each side. Leave the Samsung Galaxy mobile S5 on the hot plate while taking it off.


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