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How physiotherapy equipments are helpful to us – Electrotherapy machine

Physiotherapy equipments

How physiotherapy equipments are helpful to us combined ultrasound therapy machines are equipment pieces that use ultrasound and electrical stimulation to reduce pain and speed up the healing of soft tissues and muscles

Equipment used for physiotherapy Exercises at home

Top 5 Physiotherapy machines used in pain relief at home Muscle stimulate machines

Weak muscles are strengthened with an electric muscle stimulation (EMS) device. It uses electrical impulses to trigger a muscle contraction to build weak muscles, decrease swelling and pain, and assist in the healing of injuries.

Decreased pain

Encourage healing of the tissues

Enhance the strength of your muscles

Regaining and maintaining muscle activity

Price:Rs4479 to Rs30,800

Laser therapy equipment

Light Amplification through Stimulated Emission of Radiation, or LASER, is the word abbreviation. The first time lasers were used in medicine was to treat the retina that had become detached. Low-Level Laser Therapy is a form of complementary medicine that uses low-level lasers to treat the body’s orifices or surfaces. Low-power lasers are thought to ease the pain or stimulate and increase cell activity. They aid with the healing of diabetic injuries and pain control, as well as the regeneration of nerves, cosmetic regeneration, etc.How physiotherapy equipments are helpful to us

Price :Rs25,000 to Rs2,64,880

Electrotherapy machine

Ultrasound therapy machines

In a non-invasive method known as ultrasound therapy, the use of sound waves to enter soft tissues and increase circulation. It helps speed up tissue repair, increase circulation, and lessen the pain. That is why ultrasound therapy often treats chronic conditions such as back and neck discomfort, injuries, and muscle spasms.

Neck pain

Osteoarthritis is often described in the context of “wear-and-tear” joint arthritis. joints

Bone breaks

Painful bone cancer

Nerve pain

Pain results from cancerous tumors that are not non-cancerous

Tendinitis is when the connective tissue between the bones to muscles is inflamed

Bursitis occurs when the fluid-filled sacs inside the joints are inflamed.

Price Rs29,568

Inferential therapy equipment (IFT)

The interventional technique (IFT) has been used for a long time to treat various ailments, such as edema, chronic joint stiffness, joint pain, cumulative trauma, and circulatory irregularities. Patients who undergo interventional therapy suffer lower postoperative complications than those who only take medication to manage pain. It also improves blood flow and accelerates healing by activating “endorphins.”

Price: Rs39,424

Tens machines

Tens units can help with the following conditions:

painful period

Labour pain

postoperative pain

joint pain

neck and back pain

An effective and non-invasive method to reduce the pain of TENS. The people who use TENS as a pain relief might be able to utilize fewer painkillers, many of which are addicting or have undesirable negative side effects. TENS devices are also useful because they are discrete as well as portable and compact. Individuals can carry a TENS device in their pocket or attach it to the belt for continuous pain relief all day long.

Price Rs1,099- Rs33,572

Chiropractic drop table

Chiropractic care typically entails precise manipulation of the spine to ease rigid joints within the spinal column and other areas of the body. The body could heal itself due to the freedom to move. In this treatment, chiropractors use the chiropractic table, which has sections that can be raised and lowered just enough to adjust the various areas that comprise your spine.

How physiotherapy equipments are helpful to us

Price Rs7,599 – Rs1,50,000

Longwave diathermy machine

Insufficient flexibility of muscles increases the risk of various muscular-skeletal issues, including lower back and muscle discomfort, which are common during sports. Muscle flexibility is an essential physical skill that must be maintained and developed. Thermotherapy and stretching are two of the methods employed by therapists and athletes. The application of heat to treat ailments within the body to increase tissue temperature is called thermotherapy. The benefits of thermotherapy include increasing the soft tissues’ extensibility and strength by increasing the tissue’s temperature. In addition, it produces vasodilation. It may also boost blood circulation. As opposed to the ultrasound method, longwave can be used to treat a wider area. In comparison to shortwave, it can use to treat a smaller area. Tendinitis, lower back pain, myalgia bursitis, arthrosis, ligament injuries, and ankle deformity are some of the most frequently encountered conditions for which longwave diathermy is used.

Price – Rs61,600

Traction machines

Traction equipment aids in mobilizing muscles, ligaments, and joints to ease muscle pain and restore function. Studies have proven the efficacy of traction devices for treating pain, specifically lumbar and cervical pain. Utilizing traction devices reduces the pressure on discs and relaxes muscles. It also relieves pressure on nerve roots and boosts blood flow.

Price: Rs1,04,720

Exercise therapy equipment

Therapeutic exercises include movements and physical activities designed to increase endurance, ease discomfort, and improve function and flexibility.

Continuous passive motion equipment

Keflex is an excellent durable, long-lasting device for performing Lower Limb exercises. Continuous passive motion (CPM) is a postoperative method developed to speed up the rehabilitation process for those who have had hip or knee joint surgery, soft tissue surgery, total knee replacement, and anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) fixes. CPM provides a passive range of motion that gently and gradually moves the joint without requiring the patient to engage any muscles.

Price: Rs1,35,52

Shortwave diathermy machines

Electromagnetic radiation with high frequencies is employed in shortwave diathermy to produce heat. It is possible to use either continuous or pulsed energy waves. Shortwave diathermy devices increase blood flow in treating muscle pain and joint pain, such as strains, sprains, bursitis, tenosynovitis, and bursitis.

The other equipment


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