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Feel Nice

The Oura Membership is the modern accurate smart ring available in the market. You will feel at your most. Monitor your sleep patterns, exercise, temperature, and stress levels, among other things. Oura lets you stylishly manage your health regardless of whether you’re focused on your workout or managing your anxiety.

Your well-being and fashion. You do it.

Feel great.

Elegant, cozy sleek, cozy, sleek, comfortable, and. Your day-to-day life, both nights, is seamlessly integrated into The Oura Ring.

Concentrate on getting in shape.

We monitor your steps, movement, heart rate, and healing, whether a race or a routine run. To meet your individual fitness goals, you must determine the ideal ratio between exercise and healing that is most beneficial for you.

Developing smart activity–and recovery–strategies.

Keep yourself motivated by setting your own daily goals for your activities. Our analysis of your body’s heart rate, activity levels, and training frequency assesses whether you’re meeting your goals and also ensure that your body is getting enough rest.

Automatic Activity Detection App Automatic Activity Detection within the UI.

Oura can automatically detect more than 30 tasks for you, such as housework, cycling to basketball, and reward you for every step you take.

The Workout Heart rate User Interface App

Exercise Heart Rate

Learn more about your progress and development. Track your heart rate when you exercise and analyze the data afterward to see how your body reacts to exercise and how it impacts your energy levels and sleep.

An app that displays Activity Score’s home screen

The Heart Rate of the Daytime.

The power of knowledge is in mind. Find out how your body responds to your daily routines and decisions by tracking your heart’s rate from early morning until night.

the messages your body is giving your body.

Developing smart activity–and recovery–strategies.

Be aware of the right time to push and when to rest easy using The Oura Readiness Score. It considers more than 20 body indicators -such as temperature, heart rate, and sleep- to determine how prepared you are for your day ahead.

Silver Gold Stealth Black

Ready, steady, go.

Readiness can help you determine your schedule based on what’s optimal for you and your body. Are you a high-readiness score? Do your workout, take a stroll or test yourself.

Monitor your cycle more precisely than ever before.

By observing the changes in your temperature that increase and decrease due to fluctuations in your hormone levels each month, Oura can visualize and understand the details of the menstrual cycle.

Learn the benefits of self-care.

Oura can keep on top of the times and aids you in regaining equilibrium after an interruption.

Sleep Mode.

It is essential to be kind to your body. Oura can tell when you’re exhausted, stressed, or even sick by analyzing your body’s signalling changes. Oura will prompt you to turn on rest Mode which alters your daily goals to focus on relaxation.

We recognize napping.

Your mood, energy, and alertness all can benefit from naps. The scores you score are adjusted automatically by Oura as it tracks your nap times.

Relax your mind. Take note of your body’s reactions.

The growing selection of audio-based wellness sessions will help you manage your stress and calm your mind.

Showing Explore Tab of Guided Sessions within the Oura App’s UI.

More than 50 audio-based sessions for sleep, meditation concentration, energy-boosting, and many more make time to find the balance. Ouray’s instructors and content partners team up to create the collection of classes.

Check your results now.

Each audio-guided session gives immediate feedback, as well as biometric information. Integrating sessions into your daily routine is possible if it eases stress and lowers the heart rate.

Our App user interface

Check out the tabs to find helpful health tips.

How does the temperature in your bedroom affect your sleeping patterns? With information backed by scientific research and written by world-renowned experts in various disciplines, you can learn how your choices and routines affect your overall health.

Your health, your fashion, You do it.

Choose the design, style, and size of the Oura Ring based on your style and preferences.



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