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Wireless Sub-woofer / Sony India has wireless sub-woofer

Wireless Sub-woofer / Sony India has wireless sub-woofer Sony India launched the HT-S400 soundbar on Monday to empower music lovers. It features a wireless subwoofer and Dolby Digital cinematic sounds technology. Wireless Sub-woofer / Sony India has wireless sub-woofer is available around the globe.

For Rs 21,990, you can purchase the new soundbar online and in physical stores.

Sony is a company that music lovers love regarding sound quality. It consistently delivers unique listening experiences to its customers.

SA-SW3 200 W Additional Wireless Subwoofer – Sony India

This bass reflex subwoofer amplifies the impact of everything you watch and listen to with 200 W of powerful deep bass sound with a large 160 mm driver. Feel the thunder’s deep roar and the undistorted thunderous bass pulses. For fully authentic soundtracks, you’ll also hear sharper voices and more fidelity.

The new soundbar features S-Force Pro Front Surround, strong, high-quality Dolby digital tech, and provides surround sound in a cinematic manner.

You can also choose from a variety of sound modes for the soundbar. These include night mode when you want to see without disturbing your home and voice mode when you need more precise dialogue. Sound Field transforms stereo audio into surround sound using standard soundtracks.

The company stated that the sound bar provides a powerful audio experience due to its S-Force Pro Front Surround technology, clear dialog, and powerful 330W total output power output. Customers can stream their favorite shows or watch the latest movie in the comfort of their homes.

The front speakers include the X-Balanced Speaker Unit. It has a unique rectangular design that maximizes the diaphragm.

The new soundbar features a wireless subwoofer and a 160mm speaker unit to produce deeper, richer bass sounds.

Customers can easily switch between Voice mode and Night mode to watch TV or for voice communication.

The HT-S400 soundbar was designed to receive audio from a BRAVIA television wirelessly. It will reduce cable clutter.

The business is committed to environmental sustainability and has maintained high acoustic performance. Recycled plastic is used in the back panel of the HT-subwoofer S400.



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