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Sony Link Buds / Wireless Earbuds

Sony Link Buds / Wireless Earbuds

WF-L900: Brilliant but ineffective The Link Buds from Sony WF-L900 provide the term “weird” a whole new meaning, but it has many shortcomings.

Link Buds for Sony

The Link Buds are, without a doubt, the most creative audio device released in 2022. They generally do a great job in executing their simple design. They share the same issues as regular earbuds that are sealed.

The Link Buds from Sony are entirely made of plastic, which makes everything extremely light. Each earbud weighs just 4g. While the permanently ringed ear tips could be uncomfortable, they aren’t designed to be put into the ear canal. They should instead be placed in the ear folds, and Sony offers five earbuds made of silicone that can be detached to allow this (extra small, medium, small-large, large, and even extra large).

How do you apply Your Sony Link Buds?

The correct size for your fin is essential. If it’s too small, the earbuds are too loose for it to be able to stay. It will push the earbuds to the wrong angle due to a massive fin, which could result in them falling or breaking.

It is essential to have an earbud that feels secure, the doughnut-shaped portion of the earbud slightly tilted away from your ear canal with the back of the earbud smacking to the side of your ears. Do not try to squeeze it into your ear.

How do these Sony Link Buds operate?

The Link Buds perform quite similarly to the other wireless earbuds. The earbuds’ sides have a touch sensor. Without the Sony Headphones Connect app, you can only tap twice to play or pause your music and tap three times to advance an entire track. However, despite the limitations on the control options, using headphones can be fun. If you’ve ever tried tapping the earbuds of a wireless device with ear tips made of silicone and felt the suction feeling uncomfortable, remember that you won’t get that and tapping the earbuds won’t cause any of them.

The Link Buds support the new way of controlling the device that Sony calls Wide Area Tap, which is activated by default.

The exact control method is used to control the traditional on-ear tap control. However, you tap the space directly in front of your ears. You can skip tracks by gently wiping your face should you choose to do so. Wide Area Tap works pretty consistently. However, I’ve noticed it challenging to pull the earbuds out of your ear significantly more frequently than simply tapping them.

It is important to note that this mechanism appears slightly sloppy to ensure it’s obvious. Wide Area Tap might not be your most preferred item If you are prone to feeling uncomfortable in public.

It’s important to remember that this mechanism appears slightly sloppy to make sure it’s evident. Wide Area Tap might not be your favourite thing If you are prone to feeling uncomfortable in public.

It should download This Sony Headphones Connect app.

If you’re looking to make the most — or even what some might think is the least from Sony LinkBuds, you should use Sony Headphones Connect. The Sony Headphones Connect Experience is identical to products such as The On-ear controls are now able to be a little more customized because of Sony Headphones Connect. Three or two taps will still be required for everything. However, you can customize the control settings of each earbud that allow access to Spotify and control of your volume level, the possibility to play a song back, and the voice assistant’s activation. With the application, you can also select specific features such as broad area tapping, adjustable volume control, and management. Furthermore, the program supports Sony’s DSEE technology that, according to some claims, improves the audio quality of heavily compressed files.

It can customize the on-ear controls with some help from Sony Headphones Connect. Three or two taps are still needed to control everything. However, you can alter the settings for each earbud for access to Spotify and control over the volume, the ability to rewind a song and activate the voice assistant. The app can select specific features such as broad area tapping, adaptive volume control, and options for controlling. In addition, the application supports Sony’s DSEE technology, which some claim improves the quality of audio files that are severely compressed.

Based on the audio the microphones detect, the adjustable volume control allows the earbuds to adjust the volume. While it works, it’s unsettling, which is a similar issue when using those Google Pixel Buds A-Series. The Link Buds will constantly alter the playback volume, even when they’re not in the place, since there’s no option to change the sensitivity (either off or on. In essence, if I had to choose between this or to strike myself lightly on the face to adjust the volume, I’ll pick the slap significantly because the already poor battery’s performance (more on the subject in a minute) is affected when this function is utilized.

What Sony Link Buds support Bluetooth codes?

The Link Buds come with the AAC codec in combination with the traditional SBC and connect using Bluetooth 5.2 to the device you prefer. If you’re an Android user, there’s no efficient, reliable, high-quality Bluetooth codec. However, SBC connections are excellent. Even though no Bluetooth multipoint is available, the right earphone can permit mono audio.

How long does the Sony Link Buds’ battery last?

The Link Buds came with a battery lifespan of 5 hours 41 minutes and an unvarying output reaching 75dB(SPL), which is standard for a pair of wireless earbuds. According to Sony, the charging case offers another 12 hours of listening.

How good do Sound Bands by Sony sound?

Logically, Sony Link Buds offer almost no isolation since each earbud is fitted with a hole. Instead of replicating the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live’s cutting-edge noise cancellation technology, Sony focuses on the advantages of hearing the surrounding. Someone. Who would like to stay on top? When they are out on their own at night, or the teenager seen walking with an Air Pod in the morning is the intended audience for this gadget.

The running enthusiasts will also appreciate that there is no isolation, particularly with its IPX4 rating. The shape of your ear will determine if the ear is solid enough to endure the continuous head bobbing when running; it’s probably not sufficient to go for a run.

If you use Links Buds inside a non-controlled setting, auditory masking becomes an ongoing reality because of isolation capabilities such as this. You’ll miss out on the tiniest low-end audio if a car speeds on the sidewalk or a loud announcement occurs while you’re shopping at the supermarket.

In addition, as we often refer to in our reviews and reviews, isolation of this kind is almost sure to cause you to turn the volume too high. Put it, this can increase the risk of noise-induced hearing damage, and this is highly damaging.

How loud are these Sony LinkBuds?

The sound quality of this Sony LinkBuds (cyan) model deviates considerably from our target (pink). While the accompanying chart appears quite bleak–sounds lower than 150Hz are almost non-existent — you may find that the experience isn’t all that bad. In truth, the bass region has a noticeable and obvious sub-emphasis. However, in the interior, it could be pretty enjoyable. The odds are stacked against you outside.

midpoints and highs as well as lows

The bass riff that starts Miss Murder’s opening riff AFI famous Miss Murder is audible and loud when playing at home or in a tranquil location. It gets harder to discern as the other instruments increase in volume; however, it doesn’t disappear as you’d expect from the frequency response chart like the one below.

It’s great for listening to music with less edgy sounds, such as Shakedown Street by The Unknown Mortal Orchestra. It can hear  Hi-hat strikes and guitar picks, and no other sounds are louder than the higher-pitched voices. Even the bass guitar is excellent, even though it primarily utilizes high notes.

Everything is contingent upon listening to music in a quiet space with no outside background noise. The music you listen to won’t sound perfect when you’re in a place with music playing and lots of people in the vicinity. Like how you could get rid of many details in your music while walking along the streets, It doesn’t even require passing a semi-truck to cause it.

Are you able to make phone calls using Sony LinkBuds? Sony LinkBuds?

Most wireless earbuds embedded in accurate wireless microphones do not sound as great as the Sony LinkBuds microphone. While it’s not the best to record and has difficulties blocking background noise, It’s adequate for lengthy and brief phone conversations and any Zoom meetings you might be obliged to attend.

Do I need to buy a Sony Link Bud?

The Sony Link Buds should be considered when you think you need an authentic wireless set of headphones that lets you know all around you to your maximum possible extent throughout the day. If this isn’t something you consider essential, you should look elsewhere.

The Sony Link Buds would be a total disaster; however, they’re not. The earbuds are extremely enjoyable, particularly if you purchase the right Ear Fin, which is highly secure. The bass doesn’t sound great, but it’s acceptable at the correct settings, and it’s a little odd to hear a lot of dings because it says exactly how it ought to. The quality of the sound is a challenge. If the product meets your needs, the outcome could be excellent—most audio devices, whether gaming headphones or fitness earphones, are much more widely applicable than Sony LinkBuds.

If you are looking for an ordinary pair of earphones but like to hear what’s happening around you, Try to purchase quality buds. There are a variety of accurate wireless models that come with transparent modes, and they all perform better than this. Suppose you’re looking to be aware of the Sony LinkBuds S, in contrast to Link Buds, the more straightforward, less noticeable shape that fits snugly to your ears. They have identical IPX4 rating and control buttons, similar to Donut-shaped headphones. In the Link Buds S, Sony does not use Wide Area Tap, which is unfortunate considering how slow the touch controls work.

The Link Buds S are earphones with an earphone style that is more traditional and has outstanding active noise cancellation, comparable with the much more expensive WF1000XM4. The Sony Link Buds S provides marginally better ANC in frequencies between 100-300 Hz.

The microphones are identical. The Link Buds S is more flexible than the less expensive Link Buds, which have mono and transparency if you want to hear the surrounding sounds. However, purchasing the more affordable Link Buds offers plenty of advantages.

What should you buy instead of Sony LinkBuds?

The Apple AirPods are your ideal choice If you’re an iOS user and you’re dead in love with an un-occluded design (3rd Gen). The current version of AirPods includes many of the same issues that its predecessors had–lack of isolation, a poor Android User Interface, etc.–but the new model also has more prominent bass speakers, which significantly improves the bass response. However, It could lose these advantages through Aural Masking, but AirPods (3rd Generation) are still a great choice. AirPods (3rd Generation) nevertheless have great options if an unobstructed fit isn’t essential for you, but here are some. A Jabra Elite7 Active could be the best option to consider if you’re looking for an excellent pair of earbuds for workouts. It’s got fantastic sound quality, a great application, active noise cancellation, and a transparent mode of hearing the world around you, and it’s covered in a grippy rubberized material that keeps it secure inside your ear. It also costs similar to the LinkBuds from Sony.

Do you think buying the AfterShokz Aeropex Bone Conduction Headphones is better?

A great alternative to the Link Buds, The AfterShokz Aeropex is priced at around $100 less. The Aeropex is an audio device that transmits sound waves through your cheekbone, so you can hear the music, unlike LinkBuds, which use accurate wireless technology. Although it sounds a bit scary, the technology is highly secure and has been used for a long time.

Atop an immense leaf fond of it is where the Aftershokz Aeropex bone conduction headsets are set.

While it lacks many features, it can simultaneously connect this bone conduction headset to 2 sources.

If you wear the Aeropex and any other bone conduction headphones in general, your ears aren’t protected since these “ear” components rest on the cheekbone. You’re now completely aware of your surroundings, as with the Link Buds.

If you’re looking for top-quality audio, prices can turn out to be higher than you’d like, but there are an array of top-quality options, including Apple Air Pods Pro and Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. Apple Air Pods Pro and Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are priced at under $200USD. The Sony WF1000XM4 has the same unique software capabilities as Link Buds and offers top-of-the-line noise cancellation and support for the top-quality LDAC audio codec. Its price is minimal.


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